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 Examining factors affecting the credibility of online consumer reviews and how online reviews influence on purchase intention in Vietnam

Examining factors affecting the credibility of online consumer reviews and how online reviews influence on purchase intention in Vietnam

Tác giả: Nguyen Hoang Tuyet Mai

Nhà xuất bản: University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Năm xuất bản: 2022

Loại tài liệu: Master's Theses

Nguồn gốc: http://digital.lib.ueh.edu.vn/handle/UEH/66825  

Ngôn ngữ: English

Chủ đề: Credibility; Online reviews; Sources; Reviews' quality; Sidedness; Purchase intention


Numerous conventional purchasing practices have been adversely impacted by the advent of social media, the proliferation of the Internet, and the effect of the covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, many Vietnamese consumers now purchasing online, consumers are always on the search for dependable information while making new product purchases. A bright local (2014) poll found that 80% of customers think online customer evaluations are just as reliable as personal recommendations. As a result, the e-commerce market flourished and developed noticeably during this pandemic, which contributed to the quick development and wide-ranging expansion of online shopping communities as well as the introduction of an entirely new form of electronic word-of-mouth (EWOM) known as online consumer reviews (OCRS). Many customer opinions initially might easily divert those who are about to purchase. Assessing the authenticity of these online consumer reviews requires a number of factors, as opposed to direct knowledge or experience with the product in question. Consumer behavior influences customers more and more, which leads companies to lose more and more of their brand identity. To understand how online consumer review evaluations affect consumer behavior in Vietnam, this research looks at the standards for identifying a reliable online customer review. Credible online evaluations enhanced buyers' inclination to buy, according to an empirical examination of 180 social media users in Vietnam, aged 18 to 55. Additionally, research revealed that sources, reviews' quality, and sidedness tend to increase the credibility of online reviews.

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